How to lose an ally in 6 years: Obama’s latest betrayal


Many commentators have noted that it has become hard to keep track of all of the scandals related to this administration, and that reality has actually benefited President Obama. The number of scandals ensures that each individual scandal has about the same staying power as Lindsay Lohan’s sobriety. This phenomenon was on full display this last week as the VA scandal was overshadowed by the Bergdahl swap, which also allowed the media and public to completely block out another story that would otherwise concern many Americans. This story includes President Obama breaking promises, ignoring laws, and betraying allies, all of which have unfortunately become as common as MSNBC show cancellations during this Presidency.


Following the news that the Palestinians have formed a unity government that includes the terrorist group Hamas, Buzzfeed reported that the Obama administration has been holding secret talks with Hamas for six months. It’s hard to keep track of all the terrorists Obama is making deals with these days, but Hamas is the group that has committed itself to the destruction of Israel.  Actually, that’s almost every terrorist group, but Hamas is also known for making nice children’s cartoons about shooting Jews. These talks are in direct contradiction to Barack Obama’s campaign promises that he would not negotiate with Hamas or any government that included Hamas. In fact, Obama, as he often does when someone states a harmful truth about him, feigned outrage in 2008 at the suggestion he might engage with Hamas if he was elected President. Then-candidate Obama called it “offensive”, “disappointing”, and a “smear’ for Senator John McCain to suggest that Obama would negotiate with Hamas. Unsurprisingly, six years later this supposed smear turned out to be a prophetic observation.


Not content in just negotiating with and releasing terrorists, the State Department has also shockingly announced that it will continue to give aid to the new Palestinian government. The 2014 Consolidated Appropriations Act specifically states that the United States aid may not go to “Hamas or any Hamas-controlled or power-sharing government” unless they abandon their commitment to Israel’s destruction. I admit that I did not go Harvard Law School like our esteemed President (I went to Michigan Law instead), but that seems fairly straightforward to me. Funding a government that includes Hamas is a clear violation of the law, but this administration has proven on multiple occasions that they believe laws that they don’t like should be treated like suggestions that they can ignore. They pretend like ignoring these laws is similar to running by the pool when you’re a kid despite a “No Running” sign. However, even running by the pool usually resulted in you getting yelled at by the lifeguard, but in this case the lifeguard, our esteemed press, is more likely to complain about why we aren’t clearing a path for Obama’s latest jog.


Israel’s ambassador said the country was “deeply disappointed” by the announcement and other Israeli officials correctly pointed out that the United States is essentially sanctioning terrorism by supporting this unity government. However, none of this should come as a big shock to Americans. This administration has had a consistent policy of trying to appease enemies while dismissing allies. This policy has significantly reduced American influence in the world as our allies recognize that they cannot count on us and our enemies perceive they can exploit our naiveté as if we were a drunk freshman sorority girl at a frat party.


I do not see this decline changing as long as this President remains in charge and continues to have the support of his Party and the media, which leads to the real questions: Where are the Democrats who support Israel? Where are the Democrats who support holding politicians accountable for their promises to the American people? Where are the Democrats who support the rule of law?


I can only assume that CNN is currently planning an in-depth investigation as to whether they were all on Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370. If those Democrats do not speak up now, I do not see how the American people can take their claimed support for those positions as anything but empty rhetoric. It is my sincere hope that they do reappear because the damage that may be done to our country over the next 2.5 years if they do not is not worth the political gains for my side from their continued silence.



6 Responses to “How to lose an ally in 6 years: Obama’s latest betrayal”
  1. texbarb says:

    Very good. all accurate.

  2. >Where are the Democrats who support Israel? who support holding politicians accountable for their promises to the American people? who support the rule of law?

    all that’s out the window. It’s all about polishing the Presidential knob at all costs, no matter what sort of rhetorical gymnastics might be involved. Power. Power solely for power’s sake.

  3. Alice says:

    yeah its a damn shame. People seem to think if U ignore it long enough it will go away but I fear the worse for us. Really worried about where we are headed

  4. Reblogged this on Public Secrets and commented:
    Good article by my friend agconservative about how Team Smart Power has royally fouled up our relations with Israel.

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