On Senator Cruz’s Point of Order and The Constitution

It seems some people do need to read up on the Constitution, but it is not the Republicans that voted no last night. The real problem is that there seems to be a large contingent in the Conservative blogosphere that seeks every opportunity to be outraged at the GOP to the point that they don’t bother to find out why these Senators voted no or what the specifics of the votes were. I believe this attitude is not helpful in advancing conservatism or getting to the truth. If we are going to assert that the Constitution is important to us going forward, we should make sure we are invoking it correctly when criticizing the actions of others.


On History, Race, and the Mythical Party Switch

The New York Times’ Nate Cohen had an interesting article yesterday looking at the decline of Democrats in the South. A lot of liberals predictably reacted to the article by assuming it confirms a popular historical myth among Democrats that the parties switched places in the 1960’s and Republicans have dominated the South since due … Continue reading