Immigration Questions for Ted Cruz and Supporter

As someone who has spent a lot of time studying immigration policy proposals, I like to think I know where all of the candidates stand on various related issues. I believe I know where Ted Cruz stands, but his recent comments and actions have been contrary to where I believe he stands. I am hoping that the Senator and his supporters can either explain these contradictions or at least admit that they exist.

  1. Does Cruz favor higher levels of legal immigration and foreign skilled workers? That was his position until very recently. He has stood up for increasing legal immigration and gone out of his way to differentiate legal and illegal immigration. Cruz even went out of his way to say he was the strongest advocate for legal immigration in the Senate. However, two days ago he released any immigration proposal that completely reverses his positions on legal immigration. Previously Cruz had proposed doubling legal immigration and increasing H-B1 visas by 500%, but this new proposal seeks to completely freeze legal immigration and halt visas for skilled foreign workers.

2.     Cruz previously argued that legal immigration leads to greater economic growth and more jobs. He has argued (correctly imo) that legal immigration grows the economic pie for everyone. Specifically, Cruz defended increases in the H-B1 program by claiming “every high-tech worker who comes in, produces between 1.7 and 1.8 American jobs.” Cruz actually complained the Gang of Eight bill doesn’t expand that H-B1 program enough to meet demand. However, with his reversal in policy, Cruz now seems to be condoning the (baseless imo) argument that immigration is hurting American workers.  Cruz even previously attacked Scott Walker for suggesting he might limit legal immigration. What does he believe now?

3) During the 2013 debate, Cruz expressed strong support for immigration reform. He said he wanted immigration reform to succeed. Cruz proposed an amendment to give illegals here a path to legalization without citizenship because he argued that would help immigration reform pass. However, several members of his staff are now claiming that amendment was a poison pill meant to bring down immigration reform. So was Cruz not telling the truth about his position back in 2013 or is his staff not telling the truth now?

4) What is Cruz’s position on what to do with the 11+ illegal immigrants already here if we manage to secure the border first? That amendment in 2013 and countless other comments always pointed to him supporting a path to legalization (something most voters support), but he seems to be disputing that now. There are only 4 known options: 1) Status Quo 2) Increase enforcement to promote self-deportation 3) Path to legalization without citizenship 4) Citizenship.

Many consider options 3 and 4 to be “amnesty”. Cruz has previously criticized options 1 and 2. So where does he stand now?

5) If, as it appears to me, Cruz still holds his old immigration views and is just saying something different now to win over a relatively small segment of voters, how can voters trust him? Wouldn’t a principled politician convince voters of his position, not simply switch positions to pander to a small portion of the base? Also, will he switch back if he wins the nomination or risk holding these unpopular positions during the general?

I appreciate any responses.


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