The Establishment’s Desperate Duo Attacks Rubio

Let’s look at yesterday’s attacks against Rubio by the establishment’s desperate duo (Jeb Bush and Chris Christie):

First, they attacked Rubio for being too pro-life. Forgetting about the fact that Christie lied about Rubio’s position during his attacks, who thought this was a smart criticism in a Republican primary?

The attacks ended up causing the President of the Susan B. Anthony List to release a letter criticizing those campaigns and telling them to stop attacks against the pro-life cause.

Next, they suggested that Rubio never answers questions, always repeats the same speech, and is essentially kept in a bubble. Even if voters weren’t aware that Rubio takes more questions than almost any candidate on the trail, especially from the press, they surely would have seen Rubio face extremely tough questions at the debates. Attacks that are debunked this easily are not only ineffective, but they are also embarrassing for the candidates using them. As for the speech accusation, that is how you effectively message in a good campaign. If either of those candidates had a good campaign, they would know that.

Lastly, their latest line of attack is to compare Rubio to Obama based on a similar biography and messaging.

On the first count, Rubio often points out that Obama now has 7 years of Presidential experience and is worse than ever. The problem with Obama is he has the wrong views, not his lack of experience. Also, Rubio has far more experience than Obama did when he ran. Rubio has been in the Senate for 5 years and was the Speaker of the Florida House. In fact, out of the 3 main contenders, Rubio has by far the most political experience.

The second criticism is that Rubio is echoing a message that Obama often used in 2008: That we need to move on from the past and look to the future. Rubio phrases it as choosing to move on from the leaders of yesterday and their ideas, but Rubio and Obama have completely different visions for the future. Another thing being missed by the people attacking Rubio for this: Obama not only won, but he specifically beat Hillary Clinton with this message. It will be even more effective in a general. I highly doubt many voters will see Rubio being able to message in a way that draws a sharp contrast with the most likely Democratic nominee as a negative.

It’s become pretty obvious that both of these candidates realize that the end is near.

One Response to “The Establishment’s Desperate Duo Attacks Rubio”
  1. ramfanmatt says:

    I think you see massive desperation out of Chrudtie because he knows New Hampshire is his last stand. Their line of attacks on Rubio show why their campaigns are struggling. Lastly, I don’t know if you can successfully attack Rubio. He has faced more attack ads than all of the other candidates combined and he is still rising. His message is resonating, especially with young voters.

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