All of the verifiable evidence related to the Ford allegation against Brett Kavanaugh


Over the last few weeks, there has been a lot of gaslighting, arguing over credibility, and attempts to distract people from the actual allegation. This has made it very difficult for most people to actually fairly evaluate the evidence regarding Dr. Ford’s allegation against SCOTUS nominee Brett Kavanaugh. With that in mind, here is a breakdown of all of the verifiable evidence that actually relates to the charge that Brett Kavanaugh attempted to sexually assault her:


Evidence from Dr. Ford:

What happened: Dr. Ford provides a very vivid account of the actual attack, which included what she was wearing and the alleged laughter of her attacker. This is witness testimony from her. Dr. Ford could not remember how she arrived at the party or how she left.

Where: Dr. Ford told the Washington Post that the attack happened at a house in Montgomery County, not far from the country club. During the hearing, Dr. Ford stated the attack occurred at a “a house in the Bethesda area”. Dr. Ford did provide a detailed description of the layout of the house.

When: In her original text to the Washington Post, Dr. Ford stated the attack occurred in the mid-1980’s. Dr. Ford then clarified it was the early 1980’s in her letter to Senator Feinstein. Dr. Ford identified the summer of 1982 during her interview with the Washington Post.

In the notes from her therapist, which Dr. Ford has thus far refused to provide to Congress, Dr. Ford described the attack as happening in her late teens. She has now clarified that it occurred when she was 15.

Number of people: Dr. Ford originally wrote the gathering consisted her and four others in her letter to Senator Feinstein. Dr. Ford told WaPo there were 4 guys there. Dr. Ford testified at the hearing that there were at least 4 guys and 1 other girl there.

According to the Washington Post, the therapist notes from 2012 provided by Dr. Ford said there were 4 boys involved in the attack. Those notes do not identify any names. Dr. Ford blames this on a mistake by the therapist, but she has refused to provide the same notes to Congress.

Witnesses: Dr. Ford identified 4 specific people at the party. None of them were able to corroborate her story.

Brett Kavanaugh adamantly denied the allegation. He has stated he was never at a party like the one described by Dr. Ford and never committed the assault.

Mark Judge provided testimony that he does not recall the events described by Dr. Ford. He also stated that he “never saw Brett act in the manner described by Dr. Ford”.

Patrick J Smyth provided testimony that he has “no knowledge of the party in question” or “allegations of improper conduct” by Brett Kavanaugh.

Leland Keyser, who is a lifelong friend of Dr. Ford’s, provided testimony that she “does not know Mr. Kavanaugh” and ”has no recollection of ever being at a party or gathering where he was present”

Other evidence: 

Dr. Ford concedes that she told no one of the attack at the time or any time after that until 2012, where she mentioned an attack in a therapy session. Ford has not provided the notes from that session. The Washington Post wrote that Ford had “provided” those notes to them for review. During her testimony, Ford said she did not remember showing the notes to the Washington Post reporter. Based on the Washington Post account, those notes identify inconsistencies in the number of attackers and Dr. Ford’s age at the time of the attack.

Dr. Ford submitted 4 affidavits stating she talked about the attack with 4 people after 2012. Out of those four, she identified Kavanaugh by name to her husband and the coach of their son’s baseball team.

Dr. Ford also took a polygraph on 8/7/2018. The polygraph seemingly only consisted of 2 questions. Both questions asked about the veracity of her statement. The written statement had multiple edits.

Kavanaugh evidence:

What happened: Brett Kavanaugh vehemently denied the allegation. He has denied ever having any sexual or physical encounter with Dr. Ford.

Calendars: Brett Kavanaugh happened to have started keeping detailed calendars of almost all of his activities in 1980. He submitted the calendars from the summer of 1982 as evidence. Kavanaugh pointed out in his testimony that he was out of town or had a specific account of his plans for almost every weekend night that summer. The calendars also had details accounts of his plans on weekdays.

There was an entry on July 1st that included a gathering at Timmy’s house. That gathering did identify the 2 friends (PJ & Mark judge) that Dr. Ford identified as being at the party she described, but it also had other attendees and had details (location, time, attendees, type of residence) that are fully inconsistent with Dr. Ford’s account.

I have intentionally omitted all evidence and inconsistencies from Dr. Ford and Brett Kavanaugh that do not relate to the allegation. Please let me know if there is any verifiable evidence missing.



Worth posting the devastating analysis from the prosecutor used at the Congressional hearing regarding the Ford allegations:

Her conclusion: “A ‘ he said, she said” case is incredibly difficult to prove. But this case is even weaker than that. Dr. Ford identified other witnesses to the event, and those witnesses either refuted her allegations or failed to corroborate them. For the reasons discussed below, I do not think that a reasonable prosecutor would bring this case based on the evidence before the committee. Nor do I think that this evidence is sufficient to satisfy the preponderance-of-the-evidence standard.”




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