Earlier tonight I posted my 1st ranking of the 2016 contenders on Twitter (shown below). There was a lot of disagreement and demands that I explain some choices. While I plan to eventually write full and detailed explanations for each ranking, let me give a brief synopsis for some key choices now. Why is Rubio … Continue reading

Some thoughts on ISIS and foreign policy

Note: This was written as a FB comment so it includes some shorthand. Also, I wrote it off the top of my head so it does not include links, but please let me know if you believe there are any factual errors.   I promised myself I wouldn’t respond to FB threads on politics, but … Continue reading

Vox’s Anti-Israel “explanation” of the current escalation

Vox is quickly becoming known for 2 things when it comes for reporting on Israel: 1) Taking the anti-Israeli position and 2) Getting their facts wrong. The latest example is their post on “Why did Israel and Hamas go to War in 2014” (Vox’s post in Italics) “The ongoing violence between Israel and Gaza-based militant … Continue reading

How to lose an ally in 6 years: Obama’s latest betrayal

  Many commentators have noted that it has become hard to keep track of all of the scandals related to this administration, and that reality has actually benefited President Obama. The number of scandals ensures that each individual scandal has about the same staying power as Lindsay Lohan’s sobriety. This phenomenon was on full display … Continue reading


Andrew C. McCarthy wrote a response to a Jonah Goldberg post about the shutdown deal today. Let me preface this post by saying that I am generally a fan of McCarthy, and believe he writes a lot of insightful things, especially in the foreign policy arena. With that in mind, his latest post is full … Continue reading

NSA Myths

NSA Myths: Firstly, there is no evidence that the NSA is broadly reading the e-mails or listening to phone calls of Americans not under investigation. There has not been one program exposed that includes evidence of such broad actions against American citizens. Why does this myth exist: This, like most of the NSA myths, is … Continue reading

Hugh Hewitt Was Incorrect in His Interview with Senator Hoeven

Let me start by saving a lot of people the time of attacking by stating I am not a fan of the Senate immigration bill, but I AM a fan of honest reporting. The reporting on this bill from some sectors of the conservative movement has been no better than typical media matters content.  Today, … Continue reading

About that scary new database in the immigration bill…

The left often falsely portrays conservatives as anarchists that do not believe in any government, but in reality conservatives believe that government does have a role, it just tends to go way beyond that. Specifically, some of the roles that conservatives do believe are the proper functions of government include enforcing laws, protecting our sovereignty … Continue reading

The Saudi Person of Interest and Possible Explanations

For the past week, Glenn Beck and others have hinted that a Saudi student was somehow involved in the Boston bombing and the government is helping to cover up his involvement. I will assume that all of Beck’s evidence is actually correct and give you two possible explanations: Possible explanation: 1) The Saudi kid, Abdul … Continue reading

Explaining Ponzi Schemes to Ezra Klein

The always informative Ezra Klein decided to enlighten everyone today about the supposed ridiculousness of Rick Perry’s comparison between Social Security and Ponzi Schemes.  Klein explains that there are several key differences between the two that make them unmistakably different.  The post is meant to marginalize Rick Perry as an uninformed candidate who made a horrible error … Continue reading